Applying for an apartment

How to apply

You can submit your application for a Tekma’s student apartment at any time of the year. As soon as your right to study in a post-comprehensive educational institution has been confirmed, you are eligible to apply. Tekma’s apartments are offered primarily to Savonia University of Applied Sciences’ engineering students. Degree students in other programs and institutions in Kuopio may apply also. For PhD students and others (open University, traineeships, courses) the apartments can be offered situationally.

You can fill in your application for an apartment online, send us your application by regular mail (please download and print the document from our website) or visit our office. Please attach a copy of your admission letter and/or student registration certificate to your application. Other possible attachments include pregnancy certification, notice of termination, eviction notice etc. You may submit the attachments as a part of the online application, as scanned documents by email, by regular mail, or by visiting us at the Tekma office. The application is valid only after we have received the applicant’s student registration certificate.

Processing the application

Applications are processed and placed in a queue in the order they were received. Please note that an application is only placed in queue when we have received the relevant student registration certificate. Certain so-called social conditions (indicated by a medical certificate or other appropriate document) may expedite the application process. Internal applicants (current Tekma’s residents) have preference over new ones as regards applications for single and family apartments. The term of notice is one full calendar month. Therefore, in most cases we are able to offer an apartment about one month prior to the preferred move-in date. We submit our apartment offers mainly by email.

The application is valid for three (3) months, after which it expires unless the application is renewed. Applicants are personally responsible for renewing their application. Tekma will not send renewal reminders. Renewal notifications can be made by email or by phone (+358 (0)17 282 2831). You do not need to fill in a new application form. Remember to cancel your application if you receive housing from another source.

Security deposit fee

Tenant’s security deposit fee is 250 euros. This applies to all Tekma’s apartments. The tenant shall confirm our student apartment offer by paying the security deposit fee by the due date. The invoice will be sent by email. The payment establishes a pre-rental agreement, according to which the tenant commits to receiving the apartment Tekma has offered, and after which the term of notice is one full calendar month. If it’s possible for you to visit the Tekma office soon after accepting the apartment offer, we will provide you with an invoice for the security deposit fee as you sign the actual rental agreement.

Printable application

Download printable application