Ilmarisentie 8

Notice of removal, deposit, rent

According to the law, the tenant is obliged to provide a change-of-address notification, i.e. notice of removal to the local register office (maistraatti) and the postal office no sooner than one month prior to the move-in date, and no later than one week after the move-in date. It is recommended that the notice of removal is provided by telephone 0295 535 535 or online You can also use a printed document (available at post offices and local register offices).

Remember to provide a separate move-in notification at the Tekma office (you will receive the form with your copy of the rental agreement). This separate notification is required in order to provide the tenant with certain documents, such as a register of occupants extract for the tenant’s study grant application, or a proof of residence if you have used the door opening service. A move-in notification has to be provided every time you move, even if you are a current Tekma’s resident moving to the apartment next door. When you are moving out from a Tekma’s apartment, you must provide a separate move-out notification to the Tekma office. This notification is required in order to be able to keep track of residents that are moving out from Tekma’s apartments, and in order to forward the mail we possibly receive in the future to your new address. At this point you can also provide us with your bank account number in order to return the security deposit fee. The required forms are available at the Tekma office.

The deposit payment is 250 € and it must be paid before receiving the apartment key. The deposit will be returned to your bank account when you move out and you have returned the key, paid the rents, apartment is clean and in a good condition. Use the bank transfer forms you received from the Tekma office to pay the rent. According to the rental agreement, the rent is due on the 5th day of each month. If you haven’t received the bank transfer forms or you have lost them, visit us at the office. Late payments are subject to penalty interest as determined by the Interest Act. If you are struggling with overdue rent payments, arrange a meeting at the Tekma office as soon as possible. You may be sued to district court even if your payment is only one month overdue.

Noticeboard, storages

The noticeboard is located in the lower hallway of the building. Please check the noticeboard regularly. Important contact information, bulletins, residents’ rules and regulations and other useful documents can be found on the noticeboard. Rules and regulations as well as other instructions are meant for everyone, to ensure comfortable living for all residents.

Bicycle storage is located in the ground floor. The door can be operated with your apartment key. Storage areas are located in the lower hallways. You may have one storage cage in your personal use (there is your apartment number on the storage cage door). Lock the door using your own padlock. Do not store your items on the storage area hallways. When moving out, remember to empty your storage, too. Items that are going to the waste disposal site have to be delivered there by the tenants themselves.

Laundry rooms, saunas, garage

Building is equipped with a laundry room, and a drying room. Laundry room door can be operated with the apartment key. Washing machines can be operated free of charge. They are meant for Tekma’s residents only. Please reserve your turn by using the reservation list. If you notice any type of malfunction, let us know immediately. Please remember to collect your own clothes and laundry detergents in a timely fashion, and make sure that all the premises are tidy after you leave.

Sauna is located in the ground floor (sauna 2). Sauna fee is 8 euros per month (one sauna turn per week). Free public sauna turn (“lenkkisauna”) is available for residents each Monday in sauna 2, separately for men and women (women: 6 PM to 8 PM; men: 8 PM to 10 PM).

A private sauna (for groups) is located in Puijonlaakso, Taivaanpankontie 14 building B. Both Tekma’s residents and other people are welcome to make reservations (the sauna is for max. 10–15 people). The private sauna is available for reservations on Monday–Tuesday and Thursday–Sunday until 10 PM. The price is 15 euros per hour for Tekma’s residents, and 30 euros per hour for other people. Please make your reservation at the Tekma office.

At one end of building B (Taivaanpankontie 14) there is a car maintenance hall (garage), which can be used for car washing, changing the oil, and other small maintenance duties. Please use your own washing equipment, tools, car jack, and other necessary items. The maintenance hall rent is 10 euros per hour for Tekma’s residents, and 15 euros per hour for other people. Please make your reservation at the Tekma office.

Parking, garbage and recycling

There are a total of 28 parking spaces equipped with electricity (for heating during the winter). Queue information and reservation lists are available at the Tekma office. The fee for a parking space with electricity is 10 euros per month. There are separate timer switches in the parking spaces. Using a car interior heater is not allowed. Guest parking space is number 12.

Parking is not allowed anywhere in the yard areas of the building. Furthermore, residents in possession of a parking space should always park their vehicle in that particular space. WE DON’T HAVE ANY EXTRA PARKING SPACE! If you leave your car unused for a long period of time (e.g. for the whole winter), please don’t leave your car parked in Tekma’s parking area. Especially during the winter we don’t have too much room for parking. Driving in front of the building and main door is only allowed for maintenance work, and when moving. We will contact the authorities in all cases of violations of the parking and driving regulations. Our parking areas are regularly supervised.

The garbage container shelter is located next to the parking area. Take your garbabe bags to the containers. Do not leave them in the hallway, by the doors or in the waste bins in the yards. More information is available at

Fault reports, apartment condition, consumptions

Fault reports are made by contacting the Tekma office, or by calling the facility management service directly. Fault report can also be made online. If it’s urgent (water leak, dripping faucet, leaking toilet seat etc.), please contact the facility management service directly. Tekma takes financial responsibility for the maintenance work, unless the fault is caused on purpose. Please note that the tenant is responsible for small maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the bathroom floor drains, changing the bulbs etc.

Furthermore, the tenant is responsible for cleaning the apartment. Tekma provides the cleaning service for hallways, stairs, elevator, saunas, and other similar shared spaces. All inappropriate waste should be cleaned by the person responsible for the littering. When moving out, the apartments are always inspected before the next resident arrives. All faults and missing items that have appeared during your residence need to be repaired or compensated before moving out. All repair and renovation work (such as painting the walls) have to be agreed upon with Tekma in advance.

There is a fire alarm device in all apartments. Please check the operation of the device regularly, and change the battery if required.

Rental buildings are always maintained by the so-called absorption principle, which means that the residents pay for what they use and consume. This principle is applied to water, electricity and heat consumption, as well as to shared equipment and furnishing in our apartments and common spaces. It is very important that even the smallest malfunctions, such as dripping faucets, leaking toilet seats, unusually high room temperatures, vandalism etc. is reported.

Internet connection

Tekma’s internet operator is DNA. Tenant must register him/herself  to DNA customer service p. 044 144 044 (weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, Sat 9 am to 4.30 pm) or

The rent includes 10 Mbit Internet connection. Each apartment has one modem. Tenant can make a contract with DNA with faster connection if needed. For example 100 Mbit Internet connection is offered for 9,90 euros/month.

If there is a problem with Internet connection, contact DNA customer service p. 0800 300 500 (24 h, free of charge if using domestic mobile or landlines).

Moving from an apartment to another, temporary absence

If your living conditions change – for example, your family grows or you decide to go your separate ways etc. – you may apply for an apartment change. Please fill in a separate transfer application form online on our website. The application form is also available in printed format (please download and print it from our website), or you could visit us at the Tekma office.

Your right of occupancy is maintained for the whole duration of your studies, including possible military service, internship periods, and student exchange abroad. During your absence, you are able to sublease your apartment e.g. to another student. Remember that you have to sign a separate subleasing contract. As the main tenant, you are still responsible for everything related to your apartment during the subleasing period. Contract forms and more information about subleasing is available at the Tekma office.

Resident activities

Each year all the residents are invited to a mutual resident meeting, in which the members of the resident committee are elected. In meetings we will discuss Tekma’s general issues etc.


You do not need to suffer from disturbance caused by your neighbors. The silent period in all buildings is from 11 PM until 7 AM (night-time rest). Making loud noise that disturbs the neighbors is not allowed at any time of the day. In case of significant disturbance, please contact the police (tel. 112). In case of disturbance or other problems, let the Tekma office know as soon as possible (